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Chante Cox-Boyd

Chante Cox-Boyd

Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor of Psychology (Teaching), Director of Summer Program for Undergraduate Researchers, Faculty Advisor: Psi Chi and Study Abroad

  • 343 Baker Hall
  • 412-268-2801

Areas of Expertise

Social Psychology


My primary research interests lie in the area of Social Cognition. I have always been fascinated by the manner in which individuals make social judgments of others, often based on a minimum amount of information. Early in my career I worked on a project entitled: “Categorical Race Versus Individuating Beliefs as Determinates of Discrimination”. This study involved a look at the false beliefs that individuals hold of those of other racial groups and the impact these beliefs have on their willingness to interact with out-group members. My work today still attempts to explore this issue. It is my goal to uncover the many sources of information that individuals use to make social judgments and the impact these judgments have on the relations between out-group members. I often conduct research in the area of Prejudice and Discrimination.

Most recently, I have conducted research in the area of name stereotypes. Just as group categories such as race, sex, and age have well-defined stereotypes or behaviors expected by the group members, my research indicated that names have stereotypes associated with them. In particular, my focus has been on names associated with minority groups. My research indicates ethnic sounding names are often used as a basis of discrimination and can even signal social class.

A second area of stereotype research I have explored is stereotypes associated with Caucasian Americans. Although Caucasian stereotypes are widely held and shared by minority group member, Caucasians are often unaware of these stereotypes. I seek to determine both the content of the Caucasian stereotypes and the impact it may have on group members.

A final related area of interest I hold pertains to the impact of Social Stigmas and the role of self-fulfilling prophecies in determining individual achievement and emotional health.


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