Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience

The inter-college program in neuroscience reflects the cross-cutting, interdisciplinary nature of this emerging science. The major includes course offerings from the departments of Psychology, Biology, and Computer Science, and the opportunity to specialize in Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurobiology, or Computational Neuroscience. All of these fields share the goal of understanding neural processes, and how these processes give rise to perception, memory, and learning.

Students pursuing a major in Neuroscience will:

  • Acquire foundational knowledge in the rapidly emerging study of the connection between brain and mind.
  • Develop expertise in a variety of recent, cutting edge research technologies such as ERP, fMRI, and NIRS.
  • Gain expertise in the organization and function of the brain
  • Work with leading neuroscience researchers in their fields of expertise.

Neuroscience Degree Requirements

Up to 115 units of General Science Requirements

  • Two Semester Calculus sequence
  • Modern Biology
  • Introduction to Chemistry
  • Physics 1 for Science Students
  • Genetics
  • Computer Programming Course
  • Modern chemistry

45 units of Core Neuroscience courses

  • Cellular Neuroscience
  • Systems Neuroscience

60-65 units of Neuroscience Concentration of choice

  • Neurobiology Concentration
  • Cognitive Neuroscience Concentration
  • Computational Neuroscience Concentration