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CMU: Pittsburgh's Learning Engine

Fifty years ago Carnegie Tech and the Mellon Institute merged to form Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Since then, the university has been a powerhouse in AI and tech startups, such as RobotTutor, as well as a leader in learning sciences, such as LearnLab.

Norman Bier

Learning Engineering at 50

A discussion at the 2017 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference focused on learning engineering as an emerging discipline built upon data science, learning analytics and design based research, to better understand how students learn and instructional strategies that enable optimal learning. Carnegie Mellon University’s Norman Bier argues that learning engineering itself is not a new concept, but one that’s been developing since Herbert Simon coined the approach and phrase 50 years ago.

NPR Education

Want Change In Education? Look Beyond The Usual Suspects (Like Finland)

In a tiny hamlet in Tanzania, children who have never been to school, and can't recognize a single letter in any language, are about to start learning basic math and reading. They'll do this with the help of a cutting-edge, artificially intelligent "tutor" who can hear what they are saying in Swahili and respond meaningfully.