Carnegie Mellon University

Unified Double Major in Psychology and Biological Sciences

This unified major is intended to reflect the interdisciplinary nature of current research in the fields of Psychology and Biology, as well as the national trend in some professions to seek individuals broadly trained in both the social and natural sciences. Students entering from Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences will earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Biological Sciences.

Students pursuing a major in Psychology and Biological Sciences will:

  • Gain the multidisciplinary knowledge necessary to explore the connection between the physical body and psychological mind.
  • Prepare for careers where both biological and psychological expertise is valuable, such as psychiatry or clinical practice.
  •  Learn a wide variety of research and laboratory skills.

Pre-major requirements

  • Two semester Calculus sequence
  • Two semester Statistics sequence
  • 5 introductory Science courses
  • Computer programming course

Core discipline requirements

  • 4 Psychology Survey courses, Required Surveys: Introduction to Psychology and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • 4 Biology core courses
  • 5  Laboratory/Research Methods courses
  • 6  Advanced Biology/Psychology elective courses