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Diversity in Psychology

The Department of Psychology at Carnegie Mellon University strives to be a community that is academically and intellectually rigorous, as well as being diverse, inclusive, and respectful to all of its members.

We aspire to promote a collegial professional environment in which all individuals can thrive and do their best work with community support and free from harassment, intimidation, or disrespect.

Funding for Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

The department has created two new permanent funds to support diversity and inclusion initiatives. One is available to support diversity initiatives across the department, while the other is specifically focused on graduate student-related initiatives. Members of the department can apply for support from these funds by completing this short application.

SPUR students from 2019

Summer Program for Undergraduate Researchers (SPUR)

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Chair for 2022-2024
Kody Manke

Past Chairs:

Jessica Cantlon

Tim Verstynen

Anna Fisher

Graduate Student Community Outreach

Contacts: Julia Conti and Trent Cash

The Psychology Outreach Program organized by the graduate students of the Psychology department at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has been ongoing since early 2017. We conduct 30-minute workshops with middle- and high-school students from under-resourced and underrepresented backgrounds in four areas: social psychology, cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental psychology. The workshops include time for Q&A’s, games, and demonstrations of interesting psychological phenomena. Through these workshops, we hope to inspire and bring psychological research closer to these students. Some of the highlights from the past include “Super Saturday”--a half-day, tuition-free, academic enrichment event with Breakthrough Pittsburgh at CMU--and our visits to Sci-Tech High School, where we presented to a small group of students in their psychology class.

Dietrich Scholars to Begin Studies

Carnegie Mellon University welcomes the second cohort of Dietrich College Scholars, who represent an exemplary group of doctoral students pursuing their degrees in the humanities and social sciences. 

Learn more about the Dietrich College Scholars Fellows

Relevant Courses in Psychology

  • 85-241: Social Psychology
  • 85-350: Psychology of Prejudice
  • 85-357: Navigating Race and Identity in America
  • 85-358: ProSocial Behavior
  • 85-377: Attitudes and Persuasion
  • 85-446: Psych of Gender
For more information contact the Undergraduate Program Advisor, Erik Thiessen.
Kody Manke headshot

Kody Manke

Director of Research on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion