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Lynne Reder

Lynne Reder

Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

Areas of Expertise

Cognitive Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Computational


Memory is at the heart of virtually all other psychology processes and behaviors. In this lab, we focus on several aspects of memory, especially how information is organized and stored (acquired) in memory and how it is accessed and used. One of the methodologies we use is studying memory and other cognitive illusions, as a window into how the mind works and why it is vulnerable to certain illusions. Another methodology is psychopharmacology (midazolam) that provides an excellent model of anterograde amnesia.  A principal goal of this program is to develop a computational model of memory (SAC) that can explain many memory phenomena and make testable, novel predictions about tasks that have yet to be tested. This computational model helps to constrain our theorizing but is also revised as we encounter phenomena we cannot explain.  In addition to behavioral research, we also use neuroimaging, primarily ERP/EEG and fMRI.  


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