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From left to right: Luyun Chen, Ven Popov, Kanisha Vaughn, Lynne Reder, Simin Li, Jing Zhang, Qiutong (Tiffany) Ye

Memory is at the heart of virtually all other psychological processes and behaviors. The research in our lab focuses on furthering our understanding of how information is acquired and retrieved for use in different situations, using a variety of methodologies. These include computational modeling, behavioral studies that measure accuracy and latency, psychopharmacological interventions (using midazolam that create temporary anterograde amnesia), neuroimaging (both EEG and fMRI).

We use midazolam to help answer basic questions about the nature of memory processes and as a model of amnesia, aging and dementia.

We have developed computational models of the effect of midazolam on memory, aging on memory, interference on memory, etc.

Examples of on-going projects in the lab:

  • Developing and testing models of the relationship between working memory and encoding and language acquisition
  • Exploring the effects of complexity vs familiarity on memory and learning