Carnegie Mellon University

Suguru Ishizaki

Suguru Ishizaki

Professor of English

Department of English, Carnegie Mellon University, Baker Hall 259, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890


My research focuses on developing tools for communication design. My work in the past several years has addressed problems and opportunities associated with the design of digital communication media. In my book, Improvisational Design: Continuous Responsive Digital Communication (MIT Press, 2003), I proposed a descriptive model of design—along with a series of computational experiments—that would allow designers to represent design solutions that are responsive to dynamic changes in the information recipient's intention, in the situation, and in the information. I also explored Kinetic Typography, a study of how different situated meanings of written text emerge by expressing the text using animated forms. Recently, I have begun to work on developing a theoretical framework that would allow us to analyze how surface visual design decisions relate to rhetorical effects. I have also been collaborating with David Kaufer on rhetorical text analysis. In this project, I have been developing computational tools for analyzing rhetorical effects through surface patterns of English. The results of this collaboration have been published in Power of Words: Unveiling the Speaker and Writer's Hidden Craft (Erlbaum, 2004), co-authored with David Kaufer, Jeff Collins, and Brian Butler. I am also a practicing interaction and visual designer.
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DocuScope: Computer-aided Rhetorical Analysis