Carnegie Mellon University

Peter Mayshle

Peter Zaragoza Mayshle

Visiting Assistant Teaching Professor of English

  • BH 245 S
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


My research interests include the rhetorics of space and public memory, visual rhetoric, ethnography and postcolonial subjectivities, all of which inform my teaching of writing to varying degrees. I am working on a monograph, Walled Memoria: Presencing Memory Sites in Intramuros, Manila, about the narratives and counter-narratives of various memory sites located within the former Spanish colonial center of the Philippines. I have a chapter, “Writing to Name: Documents and Disruptions of a Non-Native Teacher-Scholar,” in Lingua Franca: First Generation Scholars in Rhetoric, Composition, and Communication, currently in review with the NCTE. I also write plays, screenplays, and fiction. My most recent story appeared in Flash Fiction International, published by W.W. Norton.