Carnegie Mellon University

Office of the President

Members of the Office of the President serve as points of contact for planning and guiding the initiatives and activities of the president as they relate to internal operations and global external relationships. CMU community members are encouraged to reach out early in the event planning process if they wish to invite the president, the provost or other senior staff to attend an event.

Portrait of Chelsea Blackburn Cohen

Chelsea Blackburn Cohen

Executive Fellow, Community Engagement

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Bethany Cody

Senior Director, Executive Communications

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Portrait of Pam Eichenbaum

Pam Eichenbaum

Deputy Chief of Staff 

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A portrait of Kelly Elder

Kelly Elder

Executive Administrator and Director of Administrative Operations

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A portrait of Kelsee Knox

Kelsee Knox

Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff


A portrait of Tricia O'Reilly

Tricia O'Reilly

Chief of Staff

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