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The Internet of Things (IoT)

The number of internet-enabled data devices is rapidly outpacing the number of humans on the planet. By 2020, it's estimated that there will be over 50 billion connected products. 

Through research and education, we explore the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). We ask not only how to create connected products but how to connect them in a meaningful way: to improve people’s lives, bring people together, and enrich human-to-human interaction through device-to-device connections.

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Our Research

While there are already many connected products in the marketplace, almost every major corporation is still trying to understand how to create value from the Internet of Things. The greatest challenge for companies today is not how to develop functional IoT products but to create meaningful, enduring experiences for consumers.

Current Research Topics

At the Integrated Innovation Institute, we are delving into critical, emerging topics related to the IoT, researching its impact on both individuals and industry:

Ambient Financial Planning

Ambient Financial Planning

Digital technologies are steadily removing the physicality from payments and banking. But, the tangibility of cash has significant implications for how monetary value is understood, perceived and recognized as part of these transactions. This lack of physicality can be linked to poorer financial decision making and wellbeing. We are exploring how smart 'objects' products, and in particular ambient technologies, can help return physical presence to digital money, transactions and decisions.

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IoT Product Design Process

IoT Product Design Process

How should IoT product designers design and conceptualize how products connect? We are exploring design methods and approaches to better identify potential breakthrough products and high value concepts. 

Product Personalization in the Wild

Product Personalization in the Wild

How do consumers value IoT connected products? We've launched in-home studies where participants imagine connected experiences with off-the-shelf products and personal prototypes to address their specific needs and desires.

User Preference Modeling

User Preference Modeling

How do people really feel about using IoT products? We have a suite of formal methods that mathematically capture what users prefer emotionally to compare with what they say they desire.  

Connected Intimacy

Connected Intimacy

How can the IoT empower new forms of human-to-human connections over long distances? We are developing new product categories to enrich human experience; to not just connect objects, devices and things to one another but to help us better connect with the people in our lives.

IoT Education

The Internet of Things is moving at such a rapid pace that there is rising demand for innovators cross-trained in engineering, design, and business. Through our specialized IoT coursework, students can advance their skills and be on the cutting-edge of innovating the next generation of products and services.

Example Coursework

Designing for the IoT

Designing for the IoT

A hands-on introductory course exploring the Internet of Things and connected product experiences.


IoT Advanced

Students advance their individual competency by developing one product prototype in-depth in this seven-week course.


IoT Ecosystems

How do we design ecologies of interacting objects in a useful way? This course explores designing of intelligent, interactive, internet-enabled spaces.

Mobile IoT

Mobile Apps for the IoT

An overview of the IoT as it intersects with software and building mobile applications, focusing on how to capture data and provide analytical insights.