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Toddler Snack

Rinse-n-Ready Fruit Snacker

How can on-the-go parents provide fresh and nutritious snacks?

Now more than ever, millennials are concerned with balancing their work and home life in order to support raising a family. Despite limited time and resources, these busy young parents are especially interested in giving their children natural, healthy meals. However, these parents often struggle to provide healthy eating options while on the go. Because they find it significantly harder to prepare, store, and deliver fruits and vegetables, they often opt for less healthy dry or prepared goods, such as Goldfish or cereal.

The Solution

The student team, Kids at Heart, was tasked with creating a physical product that would simultaneously delight toddlers and support on-the-go parents. Appealing to both audiences, they designed a "Rinse-n-Ready" fruit snacker. 

With this design, toddlers can easily feed themselves by grabbing onto the product's curved handle and enjoy fresh fruit that rests in an inner shell, ensuring the snack never gets soggy. Parents enjoy that the lid is designed to prevent spills (even when dropped) and that the hook feature allows them to attach to chairs and strollers while on the move.

The prototype, as proposed by Team Kids at Heart

Final Product
The final product, launched by NUK


In 2015, NUK's parent company, Jarden Corportation, patented the Rinse-n-Ready Snacker. The product has now been commercialized, available in retailers across the U.S and on NUK's website.