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Clear Speak

How can you become a more confident presenter?

For many people, public speaking feels like a nightmare: they're nervous and they just want to get it over with. Some people may talk too quickly, stumble over their words, or fill pauses with "like" or "uh." For insecure speakers, preparing for presentations alone may feel useless or embarrassing.

The Solution 

With Clear Speak, users can practice their presentations and build their confidence. Using Artificial Intelligence, this personal speech coach listens to presentations and provides feedback in real-time. The app is capable of advising the speaker on limiting filler words, recognizing mumbling, and mispronunciation. 

Clear Speak intelligent speech coach

Clear Speak works by immediately transcribing what the speaker is saying, allowing the user to see where they mispronounced a word or stumbled over themselves. The app also calculates how many times filler words were used and identifies pauses in speech. Each transcription is saved, so users can track their progress or identify patterns and problem areas.