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Online Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services Degree

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Build Your Master's Degree. At Your Pace.

Dive into the online Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services (MIIPS) degree, designed with flexibility and the working professional in mind. It is the same Master of Integrated Innovation for Products and Services (MIIPS) degree that we offer on campus, but we’ve reorganized classes to make it flexible for you.

This degree trains the next generation of innovators, disruptors, and world changers, equipping you with skills to innovate products and services that address industry and society’s greatest challenges. The online MIIPS degree prepares you to work in a world that merges technology with humanity. Join elite innovators by enhancing your understanding at the intersection of design, engineering, and business to elevate your career.

Pick your own pace— you can start by applying to the complete master's degree or build to the degree by completing one certificate at a time. Once you've completed all four online stackable certificates, you'll be ready to jump into the final capstone course.

Step 1:
Complete the four online stackable certificates

  • Methods & Tools for Product Innovation
  • New Product Management
  • Product Design Innovation
  • Technology for Product Management

Step 2:
Take the final capstone course, Professional Practice of Product Innovation

  • Identify, understand, conceptualize, and introduce a product opportunity
  • Focus on successful communication skills through multiple presentations and reports

Your Program. Your Pace.

Complete the MIIPS online degree in as quickly as five semesters or extend up to nine semesters. You determine the pace and may change it during your studies — speeding up or slowing down when you need to.

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Traditional Degree Process

  • 21 months or 5 semesters with no breaks
  • 1 certificate per semester
  • 20 hours per week

female student working on a project for the masters in innovation online degree program

Accelerated Degree Process

  • 12 months or 3 semesters with no breaks
    *students should start in the spring or summer semester
  • 2 certificates per semester
  • 40 hours per week

male student sitting casually working on an assignment for the masters in innovation online degree

Extended Degree PROCESS

  • 36 months or 9 semesters
  • 1 module (1/2 certificate) per semester
  • 10 hours per week

Applications Are Always Open!

Complete your application in minutes and receive your admissions decision in days.

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The Final Step: Capstone Details

As students prepare to complete their master’s level studies, they leverage the information and skills gained in previous certificates to confidently assess market opportunities — from researching the needs of users to refining the most promising options to success.

Because this capstone course is offered online, it may be taken from anywhere that there’s an internet connection.

Students experience the challenging curriculum of Carnegie Mellon University, grow professionally, and complete their Master of Integrated Innovation in Products & Services degree.

What will you gain?

  • Experience with the innovation process, building on and furthering the skills you acquired in the completed certificates.
  • Professional skills needed to succeed in the real world of business and innovation
  • Communication skills for presentations in a product and service innovation context
  • The ability to critically assess how theoretical methods and principles impact innovation in practice

Capstone Course Description

The capstone course focuses on a team-based product innovation process that integrates engineering, business, and design disciplines, focusing not solely on the tasks but also on the professionalism that is important for working on future projects in which there would be a client. The course consists of four phases including identifying, understanding, conceptualizing, and introducing a product opportunity. Students learn methods to research the needs, wants, and desires of a market opportunity, define product specifications, conceptualize products to meet the users' needs and desires, and refine the most promising concept. Students will hone their skills in formulating a hypothesis, supporting it with evidence, and logically presenting their conclusions. The project will result in a resolved form, functional design, and marketing plan. That said, the goal is not only to "build gears" or "write code" or "develop a business plan," but rather for students to develop a deeper understanding of how those methods can impact the success of innovation projects, developing their ability to critically assess how theoretical methods and principles impact a practical innovation challenge. The capstone course also emphasizes communication of the project through multiple presentations and reports.

Am I A Good Fit?

The iii's online coursework attracts career-minded individuals who are looking for a flexible learning structure that allows them to go to school and continue working full time.

Highly qualified candidates demonstrate a passion for product & service development, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship and have the following background. Sound like you? Learn more about the admissions process.


Connect with Current Online Students

Learn firsthand what makes our Online Program unique, challenging, and life-changing by speaking with a student.

image of Sofia Zertuche

Sofia Zertuche

Sofia is currently a Visual Design Manager for MAX at WBD. She has experience working with brands like the Oscars, UEFA Champions League, Barbie, and more!

She's currently pursuing the MIIPS Masters degree and plans to graduate May 2025.

image of Seth Mitchell

Seth Mitchell

Seth Mitchell is a dynamic professional with a background in software and design with a BFA in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. Transitioning into software development at General Motors, Seth now serves as a UI Lead, leveraging his design expertise to create engaging user interfaces for GM's digital platforms.Outside of his role at GM, Seth is the founder of The Blocks, a startup dedicated to building well-designed personal finance apps & resources. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, exploring all things automotive, diving into personal finance and traveling the world.

An Online Student's Perspective

There are a lot of graduate degree options out there, but Kyle picked the MIIPS Online Degree for the flexibility to learn at his own pace in a remote environment. 

Kyle Caruso shares what it is like interacting with professors and collaborating with peers in the iii Online Degree Program. Kyle also shares about a project that he recently worked on that explores the early stages of companies.