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How can we reduce anxiety in our pets?

Americans spend roughly $1 billion each year on devices meant to reduce the anxiety of their pets. The one-product approach, however, often doesn't reassure the animal or limit stress-related destruction. How can owners monitor pets and effectively reduce their anxiety while away?

The Solution

The student team developed the WAGD product suite to monitor, treat, and engage pets while their owner is away. 

Image of a phone with the WAGD mobile app screen, the connected collar, and the dog bed
WAGD Connected Product Suite

A cloud-connected collar detects the dog's activity with an acelerometer and monitors its heartbeat, so owners know if their pet is shaking nervously, running from room to room, or involved in play. A microphone in the collar picks up on any barks or whines. Included in WAGD is a dog bed, equipped with a comforting pheromone spray and a speaker that can play soothing music or a heartbeat sound. The third product is for the owner: a mobile app that collects the dog's stress conditions and enables the owner to activate the dog bed features.

Screenshot of owner interface including home, dog, reducers, and setting screensWAGD Mobile app interface