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The Bridge Program

How can airlines help customers create a full-circle travel experience?

The traveler’s journey starts before booking and ends sometime after they return home. Currently, most airlines are focused on the main service: getting customers to and from their destination. But is there an opportunity for airlines to be more than that?

For this project, students found that there were three distinct moments in the travel experience where there could be an opportunity to deliver valuable customer service and a meaningful connection with customers: Unexpected circumstances, seeking recommendations and the "reality check" of returning home. By focusing on these areas, Emirates could begin to bridge the gap between their customers' holidays.

The Solution

The Bridge Program is a thoughtful companion for travelers that builds a trusted relationship with Emirates Holidays, creating a circular journey through exceptional and personalized service. The program is made up of three main components:

  • A smartphone app for travelers that suggests new activities and helps them find their way;
  • the Ground Rewards Program that motivates travelers to explore with the help of Emirates Holidays; and
  • the Surprise & Delight Initiative that sends surprises and small gifts to customers while on vacation.

This integrated program not only addresses customer needs but creates a long-term relationship between Emirates Holidays and their customers, helping transform a once linear journey into a circular one.  


The Surprise & Delight Initiative

Ground Rewards Program

The Emirates Holidays App supports the Bridge Program