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Enhancing Emirates Service Desk

How can we make the IT service desk of Emirates more efficient by integrating it closely with technology?

Emirates Airlines handles roughly 40,000 events monthly. All these events are handled manually by its employees and many of these events are recurrent in nature. The IT Service desk is still on the legacy service desk platforms and needs to be shifted to next-generation bot driven IT helpdesk.


The Solution

The students from Team 101 suggested using Facebook’s chatbot to modernize the customer service desk. This way users won’t have to download a new app since Facebook’s Messenger app is fairly pervasive. The chatbot’s on Facebook can be given a personality relatable to Emirates brand. For the internal team collaboration, Skype for Business can be integrated with ServiceNow. With this integration, the employees can create, update, and review service ticket/incident/request from Skype for Business through both chat and voice. The tickets can be managed and resolved on ServiceNow.

 Another student team, Team DoIT, recommends using an integration of Splunk and ServiceNow. Splunk analyzes the machine collected data and converts it into events. ServiceNow does Configuration Management Database lookup to understand how and which of these events are affected. Then, ServiceNow orchestration automatically resolves the conflict or notifies an on-call engineer.

IT Service Desk Solution

Team 101 suggestion for improving Emirates IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk Solution

Team DoIT's recommendation to improve the performance of Emirates IT Service Desk