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Emotion Management

Emotion Plus

How can we better understand and manage our emotions?

Our emotions enrich our relationships and experiences, and are what make us human. Sometimes, though, these feelings can be complicated and challenging to regulate.

The Solution 

To better understand and manage emotions, a team of M.S. Software Management students designed the app Emotion+. The app uses Raspberry Pi to photograph the user’s face while Microsoft Emotions API analyzes facial expressions to detect an emotion. Once detected, the emotion is cataloged in the user’s history, so they can keep track of how they are feeling from day to day.

Emotion Plus
Emotion+ App User Interface
Emotion+ offers specific recommendations for what to do and where to eat based the user's mood, using historical information from their Nike+ and Yelp accounts. The app can also adjust the local environment, utilizing corresponding Philips HUE HomeKit lights and the user’s Spotify preferences to change the lighting and music to best respond to the emotion.