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How can we improve learning and collaboration across distances?

The Solution

Personos empowers you to participate and engage in distant learning, creating a connected classroom. With Personos, students use a headset and wristband that communicate to the teacher or distance collaborator. With his or her own Personos headset, the teacher can easily detect if there are questions from the remote classrooms and engage in one-to-one conversations with students-- all with clear, crisp sound.

Iterating on possible designs for Personos.


Final Render
Rendering of the final Personos headset and wristband

Using the Internet of Things technology, Personos is composed of two connected devices:

  1. Bluetooth HUB: The hub has a physical portion and a cloud portion. The physical portion of the HUB connects to every device in the collaborative space and decides what sounds to send where. The cloud portion allows for the control of sound that is sent out through a sound profile created by the user.
  2. Connected Bone Conduction Headset: This device sits on your temples and will play sound from your distance collaborator. It also has a microphone used to capture your voice and send it to those same collaborators.

This solution was designed with online education in mind. However, Personos devices have the potential to improve any setting where attendees are collaborating across multiple locations.