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How can efficient data organization improve ecommerce?

Though most businesses have real-time access to data, many companies face the problem of sorting through the information and finding what's valuable to their organization and their customers. Despite the abilities of current software to identify prominent terms, there are few tools on the market that classify and categorize information for managers. 

The Solution  

Classified is a software developed by a team of MSSM students over the course of three semesters.  The team researched taxonomy, the science of classification according to a predetermined system, and learned best practices from professional taxonomists to design a visual system of categorization. Classified identifies and clusters key words before sorting the data into a visual report, whereas current taxonomy practices often entail shuffling a disorganized spreadsheet between various managers.  

screenshot of Classified prototype
Screenshot of Classified prototype

Applying the skills they gained from their "User Research," "Human-Computer Interaction & User Experience Design," and "Process & Product Management" classes, the student team worked remotely, collaborating across three separate time zones to develop their prototype and narrow their focus on ecommerce taxonomy. Their prototype of Classified demonstrates the software's ability to streamline the data classification process, keeping information pertinent, accurate, and visual, with the needs of ecommerce businesses in mind.