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Team Satellite Shelter

The Satellite Shelter

How can we help protect the homeless population against severe winter weather conditions? 

In 2014, the city of Pittsburgh's homeless population was estimated at 1,500, while its shelters only contained 375 beds. 

Carnegie Mellon students addressed this concern during the College of Engineering’s Impact-a-Thon, part of the Innovation Palooza event that took place in early October 2014. Student teams that participated in the competition were given less than a week to research the problem and come up with temporary and economically viable shelters that could be erected during cold weather.

The Solution

Satellite Shelter is an affordable, easy to use temporary shelter that provides protection from life threatening hypothermia to people sleeping out in urban environment.

Sleeping bag
The initial design after Innovation Palooza tbd
Different materials tested.
Final prototype
Final prototype