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Advance your product and service career. On your time.

Backed by the solid reputation of Carnegie Mellon University, our online, career-minded programs set you up for success — allowing you to build industry knowledge and connections. You’ll experience the same in-depth education as students who take the program on campus, but you’ll have the flexibility to take classes from anywhere, earning a single certificate or stacking all iii Online certificates to earn your master's degree — 100% online.

iii Online Advantages

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You control the pace at which you progress.

We respect your time.  Build your education and knowledge base while maintaining the flexibility to balance your work, life, family, and friends. Set (or change) the pace of your education as you go.

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You earn CMU transcripts along the way.

Pursue any (or all) stackable online certificates or the online Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services degree on your own time, based on the skills you want to acquire. As you progress, you’ll have a Carnegie Mellon University transcript to show for it.

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You gain career-changing education.

An education from Carnegie Mellon University comes with both credibility and connections. Our rigorous curriculum is well-known both nationally and internationally. Learn from CMU faculty and earn 20+ units of CMU credit per certificate.

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You're surrounded by a powerful community.

Built for collaboration, the program allows you to build genuine relationships with professors and other students. You'll be surrounded by classmates who, like you, understand that education is key to career building and innovation.


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Complete your application in minutes and receive your admissions decision in days.

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Am I a Good Fit?

The iii's online coursework attracts career-minded individuals who are looking for a flexible learning structure that allows them to go to school and continue working full time.

Our online programs are ideal for engineers, designers, and business professionals looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible to create the next generation of products & services. 

Common career paths include:

  • Product Design, Design Engineering, Product Management, Design Strategy Consulting, Product Development, UX Design, User Research

Connect with Current Online Students

Learn firsthand what makes our Online Program unique, challenging, and life-changing by speaking with a student.

headshot of Kyle Caruso, learn innovation

Kyle Caruso

Kyle Caruso has had a significant role in the world of startups and innovation. Kyle has 10+ years of working with startups in various roles -- including innovations at MIT, Vanderbilt, and West Liberty University.

In his current role, Kyle is a course instructor for entrepreneurship programming at Vanderbilt University while expanding his expertise as a graduate student in the MIIPS Online Program at Carnegie Mellon University. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys traveling, music, anime, and sports.

headshot of Nikki Kumar, learn innovation

Nikki Kumar

Nikki Kumar is a Product Manager in Northern Virginia with a background in mental health and Fintech. She is enthusiastic about the potential of impactful technologies to drive positive societal change.

Beyond Nikki's professional interests, she's deeply passionate about mental health. Nikki loves exploring different languages and cultures. As a community ambassador, she aims to leverage her experience in the MIIPS program to support and contribute to others.

An Online Student's Perspective

Meet Kyle, a current MIIPS Online degree student, as he shares his educational and professional background and what motivated him to continue his educational journey through the iii online programs. 

Teresa Cain shares how she and her classmates have created an online community amongst themselves. She talks about participating Zoom calls, collaborating with peers in the Miro platform, and taking part in casual conversations on Slack.

Teresa talks about the concepts she learned in the classroom that have resonated with her. She enjoyed learning about the laws of UX and the foundation of how you think about design solutions. These concepts have still been applicable for her when establishing best practices in relation to competitors.