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New Product Management Online Certificate

In today’s tech landscape, you need to be trilingual, fluent in the languages of design, business, and engineering. Our New Product Management certificate gives you that fluency and the necessary business savvy you need to manage existing and new products alike.

It’s your chance to sharpen your brand management skills, get comfortable with financials and pricing, and understand why people are at the heart of products and services.

The certificate may be completed conveniently online in as little as one semester.


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What Will you Gain?

The New Product Management certificate taps into students’ existing knowledge of marketing, engineering, accounting and manufacturing — demonstrating how successful product and brand managers work cross-functionally while performing critical leadership functions. Coursework builds upon this knowledge base to provide participants with new levels of expertise that may lead to expanded career opportunities.

You'll gain:

  • A working understanding of business concepts
  • The ability to create and execute a launch plan, differentiate strategies, and understand financial statements
  • Knowledge of a product’s commercial potential
  • The ability to identify how customers choose, adopt, and experience products
  • Resources to create, build, and maintain brand equity
  • An understanding of how to retain customer loyalty
  • Additional skillsets to add to your resume

Curriculum Details

Building and sustaining a product and strong, informed brand management are at the core of the New Product Management certificate curriculum. Students take two online courses to complete the certificate, starting with business and product management strategies.



  • Study the actions required to bring a product to market
  • Learn strategies to build, leverage, defend, and sustain new products
  • Gain business management knowledge
  • Focus on pricing strategies and tactics
  • Discuss the span of products — consumer and B2B, products and services, digital and physical


This course focuses on the strategies and methods for building, leveraging, defending, and sustaining inspired new products and brands. A successful new product has many similarities to a successful new business, so this class will cover a broad set of business management concepts from various functional business areas, positioned within the context of successful product development and launch. The course also emphasizes pricing strategies and tactics, recognizing  the importance of pricing but also recognizing the close link of pricing to fundamental business principles. We will discuss the actions required to bring a product to market, including understanding your target audiences' needs, values and lifestyles and the key elements of a launch plan. We will apply concepts and discuss the span of products: consumer and B2B, products and services, digital and physical.


  • Learn the concepts, roles, and responsibilities of product and brand management
  • Study how strategy and business models work together to shape a business
  • Gain knowledge of planning, development, and marketing tools that work to differentiate a product
  • Use a business simulation to understand how functional areas of a business tie together
  • Gain an overview of multiple business types: corporate, entrepreneurial, for-profit, and nonprofit


This course explores the concepts, roles, and responsibilities associated with both product management and brand management, also covering how strategy and business models intertwine to shape the nature and success of a product and business. Tools and methods will be introduced that allow a business to better understand and define itself and recognize its position in the market environment. The course will also cover planning, development, and marketing tools that product and brand managers use to make decisions on how to deliver the expected value to customers and stakeholders and differentiate from the competition. These tools will help you address common strategic, as well as tactical, challenges across the product lifecycle to make a product or service successful. In addition to covering theory and applications, the course will use a business simulation to help students understand how the functional areas tie together. The course will cover a variety of contexts: corporate and entrepreneurial, for-profit and not-for-profit, products and services, business-to-business and consumer products, digital and physical products. Further, the course will build on your knowledge of marketing, engineering, accounting, and manufacturing, showing how product managers and brand managers work cross-functionally and play critical leadership functions to make products and services successful.

Am I a Good Fit?

The iii's online coursework attracts career-minded individuals who are looking for a flexible learning structure that allows them to go to school and continue working full time.

Highly qualified candidates demonstrate a passion for product & service development, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship and have the following background. Sound like you? Learn more about the admissions process.