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FIDO for Huntington Bank

How can banks engage more meaningfully with millennial customers?

Customers typically expect their interactions with their banks to be simply transactional; customers hope to get in and out quickly or rely exclusively on online banking with no personal engagement. Banks are hoping to build trust and create a cultural shift to engage more meaningfully with their customers. 

The Solution 

The FIDO student team sponsored by Huntington Bank considered the bank's current and existing resources to develop a strategy that engages customers and creates a customer community. 

Screenshot of Huntington demo website

Huntington website Life Event budgeting tool

The FIDO team wanted to build the bank into the customer's personal life by coordinating free classes for young couples getting married, buying a house, or making other life-changing financial decisions. Accompanying the free classes, the team created an online module that encourages young couples to apply what they've learned from the bank's classes and use available budgeting templates.

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