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Redesigning the Service Truck

How can service trucks be redesigned to meet technician needs?

Service trucks often act as a toolbox, workshop, and power supplier on wheels for technicians. Inefficient design, however, hinders the practicality of multi-purpose service vehicles, causing technicians frustration or even injury due to over-exertion or dangerous machinery. 

The Solution 

The student team sponsored by Opus Mach designed a more efficient service truck. Students made sure that their design met technician needs like tool access and easy unloading, as well as a usable work space and improved power supply. The redesigned service truck is extendable, giving technicians a comfortable cabin to work. 

The truck is designed for modular storage, cutting down the time a technician spends looking for and packing up tools, and allowing for modules to easily be traded and fitted among various vehicles in the company's fleet. 

Modular truck
Modular storage compartments


Opus mach Truck
Expanding mobile workspace