Carnegie Mellon University

Scobell House

May 30, 2017

Scobell House: A Community Where Friendships Are Built to Last a Lifetime

Mandi Semple
  • Director of Marketing, Student Affairs
  • 412-268-3437

Scobell House is a first-year, all-male residence hall located on The Hill. Though incoming students assigned to live in Scobell may be hesitant and skeptical about living in an all-male residence hall, they quickly realize how special and unique the community really is. The Scobell culture allows students to be themselves, to explore the young adults they are, and to challenge them to build the foundation for the men they want to be. Each year, Scobell residents participate in Classy Corner, a program that showcases that the men of Scobell are refined, thoughtful, and unique. They also host Scobell Show and Tell, an eclectic art, music, anything-goes type of talent show.

A four-story male residence hall that was completely renovated in 1999, Scobell has standard singles and doubles, laundry facilities, a kitchen, TV lounge, and recreation room.