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Welcome to Carnegie Mellon

August 11, 2016

Welcome to Carnegie Mellon, Class of 2020+!

Mandi Semple
  • Director of Marketing, Student Affairs
  • 412-268-3437

Housing Services cannot wait to welcome its newest residents! Below is some helpful info for move-in and once you are settled in. 

Move-in DaySaturday, August 20, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Your check-in location depends on your housing assignment and can be found on our First-Year Move-In Daywebsite. Here, you will also find information about what to do if you arrive after the official check-in time or later than August 20.

Your CMU ID & Access to Your Housing Assignment
Upon check-in, you should receive your CMU ID card. This card serves as your key card to your housing assignment. If you haven’t yet submitted your ID Card photo, please do so as soon as possible through the Card Office’s website. Students who do not submit a photo will not receive their ID at check-in and will need to visit the Card Office to get their photo taken. 

To gain access to your room:

  1. Hold your ID card with your thumb on your photo, and tap and briefly hold the top of the card (the section with the image of the building on it) to the black part of the lock.
  2. A yellow light should appear - enter your four-digit pin (your birth month and date in number form - i.e. February 3 equals a pin of 0203).
  3. If you correctly entered your pin, the light should turn green. You can then open your door.

Watch the tutorial video about our housing locks, which includes info on troubleshooting your lock, downloading the mobile ID app, and what to do if you’re locked out.

Microfridge Rental
Microfridge units are a convenient way to store and warm food right in your room! They consist of a microwave oven and a refrigerator with a separate freezer, all in one integrated unit. Microfridges are guaranteed, so if the unit stops working for any reason it will be replaced free of charge! Visit their website  or call 1-800-525-7307 to order your Microfridge.

Renters Insurance
If your family’s homeowners insurance does not cover personal possessions, you are strongly encouraged to purchase supplemental renters insurance to cover your belongings should they be damaged by a flood, fire, or other disaster within the residence halls. Housing Services is not liable for students’ personal possessions so be sure to protect your belongings! National Student Services Inc. offers personal property coverage to Carnegie Mellon students. To view rates and enroll in coverage, visit the NSSI website.

Don’t want to pack sheets and blankets? You don’t have to! Carnegie Mellon partners with Bed, Bath, and Beyond to offer a full line of linens (designed to fit extra-long mattresses), comforters, towels, blankets, and many other supplies to make your move-in transition smooth and effortless. 

Stay Connected with Housing & the Office of Residential Education
You can find Housing and Office of Res Ed news, photos, blogs, and information on Facebook at CMUhousing, on Twitter @HousingatCMU, and on Instagram at life_at_cmu.