Carnegie Mellon University


Home to more than 100 centers and institutes, Carnegie Mellon affords its researchers the freedom to look across disciplines for solutions, benefitting from many perspectives.

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Administration and Services for Sponsored Research

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides comprehensive support to faculty and staff in the administration of externally sponsored research.

Strategic Areas of Research at Carnegie Mellon

While Carnegie Mellon's research projects cover a wide breadth of fields, a special focus on four areas unites much of the work being done today.

Research Regulatory Compliance

The Research Regulatory Compliance Office represents the CMU community's commitment to responsible research.


The ORCID ID is a unique identifier for a researcher that will follow them throughout their career to facilitate tracking publications, grants and other research related activities.  Use the ORCID @ CMU web application to create your ORCID ID.  For answers to any questions, please visit the FAQ page.