Information Desk-Jared L. Cohon University Center - Carnegie Mellon University

Information Desk

The Information Desk is located on the first floor of the Cohon University Center, next to the commons. The desk is staffed by student employees who can answer any questions you may have.

The Information Desk also provides a number of services. We can accept cash, check, credit card, or Plaid Ca$h as payment. We cannot charge to your student account nor print quota.

Getting around

Lost and found

The Information Desk is the campus's main lost and found.

Copy and fax services

  • Copies: 10¢ a side
  • Faxes: $2 first page, $1 each additional page

Stamps & envelopes

  • Stamps: 47¢ or $9.40 book of 20
  • Envelopes: 10¢

The Information Desk cannot answer questions about mailing. The Postal Services desk is open on weekdays 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. It is a subsidiary of the United States Postal Services office.

Group-X class passes

Group-X and Guest Passes are no longer sold at the Information Desk. Sales are now electronic and must be purchased using a credit/debit card at the Equipment Desk.

Event ticket sales

Organizations on campus hosting events may sell tickets at the Information Desk. Visit the Information Desk for more information.

Posting flyers

The Cohon Center maintains bulletin boards for advertising campus events. Submit three copies of your flyer to the Information Desk to be posted to these boards. Flyers must meet the following restrictions

  • Posters must advertise an event hosted and/or sponsored by a recognized student organization or administrative department
  • Posters may not exceed 11"x17"
  • The event title, date, and time must be listed in English
  • The event must occur on one day only; it cannot repeat or include multiple dates
  • The event must take place on campus or at a recognized off-campus location such as Soldiers and Sailors Hall
  • The event must be open to the entire campus community
  • The poster may not advertise the consumption of alcohol
  • The images and text must be of a tasteful quality

Anyone may post to bulletin boards not marked as Cohon Center boards, including all boards in the first floor north hallway and those above the water fountains on every floor.

Table tennis equipment

There are two ping pong tables in the game room. You must purchase table tennis balls from the Information Desk for 50¢ each. You may borrow paddles from the desk. The Information Desk will hold an ID card as collateral for each paddle borrowed.

Commuter locker rental

Lockers on the lower level of the Cohon Center are available to rent. Prices for Fall 2016, Spring 2017 & Summer 2017 is $35 a semester. You may also rent for the entire Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 academic year for $70. Complete the agreement form [.doc] and turn it in to Stanley Krowitz at the Information Desk to be considered for a locker.

Dolly/cart rental

The Information Desk NO LONGER has a dolly available to borrow.

Student organization packages

The Information Desk can accept packages for student organizations. If your organization has received a package, there will be a receipt in your organization's mailbox. Turn in this receipt to the Information Desk to claim your package.

The Information Desk cannot accept any other packages. Packages for individual students can be turned in at the Package Pickup window on the lower level. Packages for staff must be taken to the appropriate department or office.


Monday - Friday, 8am - 10pm

Saturday & Sunday, 10am - 10pm