Carnegie Mellon University

A research university like no other, Carnegie Mellon is home to experts who lead their fields and create new ones.

From computing to the arts, CMU students, faculty and staff are shaping the future with a strong focus on finding practical answers to complex problems.

Carnegie Mellon has a full-spectrum research and development ecosystem. Most research at CMU is basic, open research performed on our campus. CMU also performs restricted research at our world-renowned National Robotics Engineering Center and classified research at our Software Engineering Institute.

At CMU, we have brilliant researchers with state-of-the-art facilities to create technologies that will change the world for the better. We are a leader in bringing groundbreaking ideas to market and creating successful startup businesses. Our research, innovation and entrepreneurial activities have tremendous impact on the university, on the broader Pittsburgh region and on economic vitality of the nation. 

By nurturing an innovative, cross-disciplinary research culture, CMU continues to solve the world’s most difficult and important problems. We do work that matters.