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International Students

Carnegie Mellon University’s global presence is reflected not only in the world-wide locations in which programs are being developed and delivered but also in the representation of the international community in each of these programs. Because of our global diversity, Carnegie Mellon understands from the "inside out" even as it provides opportunities and experiences from the "outside in" what it means to be a global university, and the importance of working together by learning to listen, to communicate, and to understand and respect one another, and one another's cultures.  To assist you from the time you consider applying to Carnegie Mellon until you become one of our alumni, we have resources specifically for our international students.
Office of International Education (OIE)

The Office of International Education (OIE) is committed to supporting, promoting and celebrating individuals in an intercultural environment. Our staff advocate for and facilitate international and cross-cultural experiences, perspectives and initiatives.

Study Abroad programming is also promoted and coordinated by OIE, which acts as a liaison to the university for international students, researchers and professors.

Student Academic Success Center

The SASC offers Language and Cross-Cultural Support to help all students who are non-native English speakers succeed in their academic programs. 

The SASC is also charged with certifying the language of International Teaching Assistants (ITAs), ensuring that non-native English speakers have the language proficiency needed to succeed as teaching assistants in the Carnegie Mellon classroom.

Science and Technology Scholarship Program for Overseas Study

Program Overview
The Science and Technology Scholarship Program for Overseas Study for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees is funded by Vingroup. An affiliate of Vingroup, the VinAcademy Education & Training LLC (VinA), established a private, non-profit university named VinUniversity. The scholarship program, administered by VinUniversity, allows Vietnamese master’s and doctoral students to receive funding to pursue degrees in STEM subjects at Carnegie Mellon University.

Scholarship Details
The scholarship jointly shared by the Vingroup Scholarship Program and Carnegie Mellon University (for doctoral degrees) and by the Vingroup Scholarship Program (for Master's degrees) covers:
  • Tuition fees, stipend, round trip airfare, and insurance.
  • There are no application fees for students.

Application Process

Track 1
For applicants who have already obtained their letter of admission from CMU to study a Master's/Ph.D. program in a supported field or research area. 

Track 2
For applicants who choose to apply for the Vingroup Scholarship prior to applying for admission to study at CMU.