Carnegie Mellon University

Phoebe Lam

Phoebe Lam

Assistant Professor

  • Baker Hall

Areas of Expertise

Developmental, Health Psychology, Psychoneuroimmunology


Stress is inevitable – everyone experiences stress one way or another – but when stress is chronic or severe, it can increase risk for a wide range of diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and some cancers.

Taking a lifecourse perspective, my work aims to better understand this phenomenon by asking two questions: (1) How does stress experienced during early years of life shape psychosocial and biological development across the lifecourse? (2) What factors, and at what developmental stage, may reduce the negative health consequences of stress?

To answer these inquiries, my lab utilizes both primary data analytical approach (e.g., conduct longitudinal studies that follow individuals across development) as well as cumulative data analytical approach (e.g., conduct mega-analyses to integrate existing data of different developmental stages and meta-analyses to synthesize existing research findings). Ultimately, the overarching goal of our work is to reduce disease risks associated with stress and provide tools to help people achieve good health.


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