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The Eberly Center's Research and Scholarship committee meets once per month to discuss education research relevant to our work. Each of the 3-4 educational developers who make up this committee regularly monitors approximately 10-15 journals. From these, they identify articles to discuss within the committee and together they choose a subset to share in a digest emailed to their Eberly colleagues and published here. The committee’s selections are informed by internal programs' needs relevant concerns among CMU faculty, and the student body at Carnegie Mellon. Because the Eberly Center promotes evidence-based teaching practices, the committee also prioritizes quantitative and/or qualitative studies that include at least one direct measure of learning. Often these selections are recently published articles, but the committee may also choose to include articles they have recently discovered or that are especially relevant to current initiatives. Ultimately, the goal of the Research and Scholarship committee and the digest they produce each month is to help our community distill, synthesize, and apply relevant research in education with a learner-centered approach.