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Instrumented, technology-enhanced, active learning classrooms

The Eberly Center provides two instrumented technology-enhanced, active learning classrooms in the Tepper Quad. These rooms are designed to capture rich data on classroom interactions and behaviors that can be used for (a) formative feedback on your teaching and your students’ learning, (b) exploring the effect of a new technology or pedagogy you wish to incorporate in your course, (c) conducting educational research in a real class setting, and more!

Tepper 1308 has 64-seat capacity, and Tepper 1306 has 24-seat capacity. Both rooms have the following features:

  • ability to collect rich data such as video and audio
  • educational technologies including interactive screens and document camera
  • modern classroom design including easily moveable furniture and whiteboard walls
  • a flexible platform for building new sensor and recording devices

Additionally, use of either room comes with direct support from Eberly’s staff of consultants, researchers, and education technology experts.

Potential Use Cases for the Instrumented TEL Classrooms:

There are a variety of ways CMU instructors and researchers might imagine leveraging these state-of-the-art teaching facilities. Here are a few examples to consider as you make your request to teach in these classrooms.

Do you want to...

The Eberly Center already provides feedback on teaching and learning through observations and early course feedback services. The instrumented classrooms expand these services by enabling us to collect additional data for you, e.g., related to your teaching, classroom activities, technology use, and more. For example, do you want to implement or refine your active learning approaches? These new data sources provide information about student and instructor behaviors that was previously unavailable.  And Eberly colleagues are available to support you in interpreting the results and in consulting with you on potential data-informed adjustments.

Many instructors want to incorporate a technology tool in their course, but they don’t know how well it may work, especially on the first try. Other instructions have built their own technology tool and want to test it in the context of a real course. In either case, the Eberly Center’s instrumented classrooms enable audio and video data collection that can be useful as you pilot a new technology tool and seek to assess its use and effectiveness in your course.

The Eberly Center’s instrumented classrooms may be a good option for conducting classroom research. For example, an instructor might want to test whether a teaching approach improves learning or engagement.The advantage of conducting research in these rooms is the availability of rich digital data sources, e.g., video and audio from a number of class sessions throughout the semester. These data can complement other types of learning assessments.

Researchers may want to use the highly modular aspects of the Eberly Center’s classrooms to explore new instrumentation systems. These might include sensors, live displays, integration of online and in-person interactions, sensor-based socio-technical systems, and so on. If your work has moved beyond lab development and needs a rich classroom environment for testing and piloting, these classrooms might work for you.
These classrooms offer flexible furniture and various technologies, including large interactive monitors for collaborative student use, movable whiteboards, document cameras, and video conferencing capabilities. If you’d like to explore creative uses of these features, we will help you with designing and assessing your new instructional classroom activities.

Classroom Request

Make your request to use one of these two new classrooms by filling out this classroom request form.