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Car Wash

Car Wash


Within the context of creating a new business, the student will

  1. determine the steps that would be necessary when considering the purchase of a brownfield;
  2. conduct research about cleaning up or remediation practices that can be used to convert a brownfield into a safe environment for redevelopment; and
  3. reflect on the benefits to the community of this type of redevelopment.


The “Car Wash” student pages should be distributed. Students may work alone, or in groups of two to review the questions and develop responses. The first question challenges students to think about the steps that they would have to take to determine whether a property is contaminated, and how they would find out about grants and other funds that are available to assist with the remediation.

The second question requires students to conduct research (EPA and DEP web sites are recommended) about remediation methods that have been developed for the cleanup of contamination. The goal is to reduce, remove, or isolate contamination from the environment to protect living things from exposure. It is important to note that the final remediation plan is determined on a site-by-site basis and there is no single answer for the problem.

Finally, the students will discuss and explain the ways that the development of their new car wash on a brownfield site would be good for the community.


Car Wash Worksheet (Students): Car Wash - Students [.docx]
Car Wash Worksheet (Teachers): Car Wash - Teachers [.docx]