Carnegie Mellon University

Research @ CMU

LGC STEM Career Explorations and 360° Lab Tours

A new pilot as of Spring 2019, this series will focus on current CMU undergraduate students who are majoring in STEM fields and doing guided research in faculty member labs. Watch interviews and tour lab spaces in this interactive project. 

Research @ CMU - Teacher Professional Development

K-12 educators can earn Act 48 credit for participating in Research @ CMU workshops lead by CMU faculty members or educational partners. In these STEM focused programs, educators learn about current research and methods being performed by CMU faculty or our partner organizations.

Road to Research (R2R) - Meet the Researcher

NEW for Fall 2020! The LGC has partnered with the College of Engineering for this program which will allow CMU undergraduate and graduate students to virtually "meet" local Pittsburgh middle school students to share their research, talk about their lab experiences, participate in a Q&A session, and complete a related hands-on activity. Middle school students will get to meet a new researcher every two weeks in the afterschool time period or on certain Saturdays. This program is designed to be accessible with most activities only requiring common household items. The first session will take place on Saturday, October 24th. After that, please check back here for recorded video sessions and downloadable materials! Contact Kristin Lavery (klavery AT for more details about this new initiative!

Road to Research (R2R) - Science Fair Project Program

Initially developed in 2012, and running again in Spring of 2020 with added material, this program aims to partner CMU student mentors to guide local middle school students from idea to science fair project presentation. Mentors work with students to create a hypothesis based on an idea that they find intriguing, follow the scientific method to test their idea, collect and analyze data, create an accompanying report and presentation board and finally, present their work at a mock science fair.