Carnegie Mellon University

We are happy to highlight some of the educational outreach activities of Carnegie Mellon faculty from a variety of disciplines. Featured sites:

Charlie Ren, Biomedical Engineering 

Dr. Ren and the Ren Lab participate in a number of educational outreach activities both on campus and off. These activites include but are not limited to presenting at community STEM fairs, inviting Biology teachers to visit the lab and discuss the incorporation of biomedical engineering research into curriculum, or inviting high school students to discuss biomedical engineering research. Dr. Ren and his students have partnered with the Gelfand Center to develop relationships with educators in the community. 

Po-Shen Loh, Mathematics 

Dr. Po-Shen Loh not only engages in educational outreach activities through the USA International Mathematical Olympiad team, but has become a master of online outreach materials and activities to engage K-12 students in Mathematics. Dr. Loh has a Daily Challenge video series available for free on Youtube, designed to support self-engagement and enthusiasm for learning math. 

Jonathan Malen, Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Malen and students from his lab are involved in a variety of educational outreach activities including judging at science fairs, presenting information at schools career days, and science workshops on campus and at community organization.

Rebecca Taylor, Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Taylor and her lab have partnered extensively with the Gelfand Center to engage in educational outreach programming. In addition to creating and teaching classes for the in Gelfand Outreach Saturday Series for students, Dr. Taylor's lab also participates in youth science fair programming including the Pittsburgh Regional Science and Engineering Fair and assisted at the the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair when it was in Pittsburgh.