Carnegie Mellon University

We are happy to highlight some of the educational outreach activities of Carnegie Mellon faculty from a variety of disciplines. Featured sites:

Catalina Achim, Chemistry [website]

DNAZone is a program organized by the members of CNAST that provides educational outreach to students in grades K-12. The program is intended to improve student engagement, attitudes and beliefs towards science. DNAZone attracts students to science by exposing them to modern and exciting, state-of-the art aspects of nucleic acids science. Through this program, CNAST hopes to foster students' interest in mathematics, science and engineering and their appreciation of collaboration and interdisciplinary work. DNAZone Flyer [.pdf]

Marc DeGraef, Materials Science and Engineering [website]

The “Teaching Advanced Characterization Tools in Local Schools” (TACTILS) outreach program aims to make scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and, at a later stage, atomic force microscopy (AFM), available to middle and high schools in the greater Pittsburgh area. Middle and high school educators are assisting with the development of standards-aligned lesson plans.

Jonathan Malen, Mechanical Engineering [website]

Dr. Malen and students from his lab are involved in a variety of educational outreach activities including judging at science fairs, presenting information at schools career days, and science workshops on campus and at community organization.