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LGC_CIT_LogoRoad to Research (R2R): Meet the Researcher 12/5/20 - Sharfin Islam

For our fifth session, we met Sharfin Islam, a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student. Sharfin's first stop in his Mechanical Engineering studies wasn't CMU, but after he came to CMU he began doing research with two faculty members, Dr. Sarah Bergbreiter (Micro-Robotics Lab) and Dr. Aaron Johnson (RoboMechanics Lab) on developing small passive walking robots!

During our session breakout rooms, students were able to participate in a few hands-on activities. Below are viewable and downloadable resources that accompany this session including an activity sheet and background information student sheet

Passive Walker - follow along video (video has no sound).

Any questions regarding this program may be directed to Kristin Lavery.