Carnegie Mellon University

Model Programs

Many long-running programs enable Carnegie Mellon students to share their expertise to address problems locally, nationally and internationally.  Links below will take you to web pages for some of these programs. 

Information Systems Consulting Project

In the Information Systems Consulting Project Course, small student teams collaborate with community-based organizations to develop useful information system solutions to meet real management needs. Each project team proposes, defines, designs and implements a working information system or application with the project client. Teams act as consultants working 'with' and not 'for' their project clients. At the completion of the project, each team must provide a sustainable solution that fits the client's objectives, organization constraints and capabilities.

For organizations interested in designing or redesigning their website a strong engagement opportunity is through the project-based course “Mobile Web Design and Development.” This course is taught in the Fall semester and emphasizes design and user-experience with either a web or app interface. In Mobile Web, small student teams work with partners over 6 weeks to rapidly solidify the project vision and deliver multiple solution prototypes. The students leverage a user-centered approach to designing wireframes, capturing client feedback, and implementing the prototype. Through this process, clients gain clarity about the direction and priorities for their website or app interface. Engagement in this course serves as a great precursory step for a full-semester Spring engagement in the Information Systems Consulting Project Course.

Technology Consulting in the Global Community

Technology Consulting in the Global Community (TCinGC) is a collaborative partnership between Carnegie Mellon students, faculty with both governmental and non-governmental organizations throughout the world.

A select group of Carnegie Mellon students travel abroad each summer to enhance their own technical, management, and communication skills to develop locally sustainable uses for information and communications technology.  

Urban Design Build Studio

Through the School of Architecture, The Urban Design Build Studio (UDBS) is a collaborative of students, professors, and allied professionals who work with community residents on implementation of appropriate, affordable, replicable design solutions. Since 2008, the UDBS has worked on real projects, bringing university students off campus to be inspired by people who are actively advocating for their communities.