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LGC_CIT_LogoRoad to Research (R2R): Meet the Researcher 11/19/2020 - Rebecca Gruener

Our fourth session presenter was Rebecca Gruener, a PhD Mechanical Engineering student researcher in the Center for Atmospheric Particle Studies (CAPS) whose research, under Dr. Albert Presto, focuses on air quality and trying to understand how pollutants are emitted and how they change over time and space. This research has both environmental and human health implications.

During our session breakout rooms, students were able to participate in a few hands-on activities. Below are viewable and downloadable resources that accompany this session including an activity sheet [pdf] and background information student sheet [pdf]. 

Food Coloring Diffusion - follow along video (video has no sound).

Air Particulate Collection - follow along video (video has no sound). This is best done as a pre-activity a few days in advance.