Carnegie Mellon University

Pathways to a Teaching Career

Carnegie Mellon offers a teacher certification program in the school of music but does not offer a degree in education or teacher certification program in other academic areas. Students can develop skills and knowledge that will help to prepare them for a career in teaching. Relevant classes are offered through a variety of departments on campus including, but not limited to:

  • 05-432/05-482 Personalized Online Learning - Fall: 12 units
  • 57-331 Principles of Education - Fall: 9 units
  • 76-378 Literacy: Educational Theory and Community Practice - Intermittent: 9-12 units - last offered Spring 2020
  • 79-338 Education and Social Reform - Intermittent: 9 units - last offered Spring 2018
  • 79-343 Education, Democracy, and Civil Rights - Fall: 9 units
  • 82-281 Tutoring for Community Outreach - Fall and Spring: 6-9 units - last offered Spring 2020
  • 85-211 Cognitive Psychology - Fall and Spring: 9 units
  • 85-221 Principles of Child Development - Fall and Spring: 9 units
  • 85-423 Cognitive Development - Intermittent: 9 units - last offered Spring 2016
  • 85-738 Evidence-Based Education Design - Fall: 9-12 units
  • 90-463/90-865 Policy and Leadership in Public Education - Fall: 6 units
  • 99-250 Seminar for Peer Tutors - Fall and Spring: 1 unit 
  • 99-406 Directed Study in Education - Fall and Spring: 3-12 units  
  • 99-461 Tutoring, Teaching and Leading through Education - Spring: 9 units - last offered Spring 2019

CMU also conducts tutoring and mentoring activities through different student organizations or departments on campus. By participating in these activities students can gain experience working with children of different ages. Students who wish to complete their teacher certifications can cross-register to take courses at other universities in Pittsburgh that have education departments, while completing their major at Carnegie Mellon. Even if you are not able to complete the entire certification sequence, it is possible to explore topics related to education at one of several  universities in Pittsburgh. Many Carnegie Mellon students find their way to a teaching career through alternative programs such as Teach for America or through a one-year Master of Arts in Teaching program. In addition, some Carnegie Mellon courses in education have a service learning component, which allows students to practice what they’ve learned and gain teaching skills in their communities.

For more information contact Judy Hallinen.