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LGC Student Ed Outreach Award Winners 2019

Gelfand Student Educational Outreach Award

Be recognized for your commitment to society through participation in educational outreach activities that make a difference in the lives of children!  There is a priority for STEM Educational Outreach service. 

This is a self nomination process, with letters from community partners and/or CMU faculty and staff to support the impact of your work. 

Nominations are accepted each April.

Interested applicants must compile the items on the list below and nominate themselves during the spring semester. 

  • A list of relevant Service Learning and Outreach activities that summarizes all work to improve the community* through participation in service learning courses and outreach activities that are designed to share your knowledge, talents, skills, and/or excitement for learning.

    (Note: * community is broadly defined as those who are outside of Carnegie Mellon)

  • Your personal statement (1-2 pages) should address the following questions:

    How have you integrated service activities that require you to use your expertise into your academic experience while at Carnegie Mellon?

    What did you hope to accomplish in the community through engaging in service activities that draw on your expertise?  (if you have participated in multiple initiatives, choose one as the focus, or if there is a theme to the work, write about all of them)

    What was the actual outcome?

    What have you learned about yourself and about the people you have been engaged with in your service activities?

    How has this work strengthened your educational experience at Carnegie Mellon?

  • Two letters of support: typically this will be one letter from an external contact and one from a Carnegie Mellon contact who can describe your work with the community and the impact that it has had. Letters should be sent directly to Judith Hallinen via email or by mail to:
              Judith Hallinen
              Carnegie Mellon Gelfand Center
              5000 Forbes Avenue, Cyert Hall A64 A
              Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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