Carnegie Mellon University

LGC STEM Career Explorations 

Developed from a desire to share information about STEM Career opportunities with future generations of students and show them current research environments, this series hopes to bring new ideas to current middle and high school students. CMU undergraduate students who are performing research in CMU faculty member labs become autobiographers and tell about their experiences from middle school to the present focusing on the moments that helped carve their path to STEM fields of study. Faculty members also share their current research with viewers and discuss the potential real world impact that their focused efforts can have in any area.

Schedule permitting, undergraduate students featured in this series will be available for K-12 school and after-school visits for Q&A sessions. Please contact us for more information regarding Q&A sessions or any other questions about this series, including how to be a part of this project!

Follow the link below to learn more about STEM Careers:

Dr. Stephanie Tristram-Nagle, Akari Kumagai, & Diamond Moody - Biological Physics

Dr. Rebecca Taylor & Charlotte Andreasen - Mechanical Engineering 

Dr. Victoria Webster-Wood, Charli Ann Hooper & Allison Rojas - Mechanical Engineering

Dr. John Alison & Stuart Johnson - Physics