Carnegie Mellon University

Energy Lesson Plans

The following are designed to be stand-alone lesson plans and are not meant to be used in any particular order.

  • Home Energy Audit: Students will describe the difference between power and energy by giving examples of high-power and high-energy devices. They will then compare the electrical demand from various in-home devices and calculate the cost-in terms of monthly electricity bills-of each.
  • How Power Plants Work 1: Students learn about turbines by building their own water turbine.
  • How Power Plants Work 2: Students build their own generators.
  • How Power Plants Work 3: Students learn about power plants, and investigate turbines by using pinwheels.
  • Nuclear Energy: Students will learn about nuclear power, and gain an appreciation for its risks compared to other daily activities.
  • Natural gas and Pennsylvania’s future: Students will learn about the role natural gas in their lives, as well as why we frack and what it could mean for the future of Pennsylvania.
  • Renewables Workshop: Students gain an appreciation of renewable energies through building their own wind turbine and a class discussion.
  • Battery Workshop: Students will learn about batteries, and through a hands-on exercise will gain an appreciation through how much energy is actually stored in different types of batteries. Students will also learn the relationship between voltage, current, and power.