Carnegie Mellon University

How do I create a partnership with a community K-12 program for my student organization?

Many CMU student groups perform their work in local schools. This work ranges from tutoring, to mentoring for academic improvement, to recreational activities, such as art or athletics. You might be wondering how your group can start a relationship with a local school, or maybe what school in the area has the right academic programs or student population for your group. The first step in this process is to outline your organizations goals. The following are a few sample questions to consider:

  • what is your mission?
  • what age group will your group work with; how many children can your group work with at a time?
  • how many CMU students will be in your group?
  • is there another organization on campus already doing this work?  If so can you partner with this group to strengthen the work they are already doing?
After working on your organizations goals it will be necessary to set up a meeting with Judith Hallinen, the Director of the Gelfand Center.  She will be able to work with your group to find a promising partnership with an existing student group, or create a new partnership with a local school.