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LGC_CIT_LogoRoad to Research (R2R): Meet the Researcher

The LGC has partnered with the College of Engineering for this program which will allow CMU undergraduate and graduate students to virtually "meet" local Pittsburgh middle school students to share their research, talk about their lab experiences, participate in a Q&A session, and complete a related hands-on activity. Middle school students will get to meet a new researcher every two weeks in the afterschool time period or on certain Saturdays. 

Our program will resume again in the spring of 2021 and will feature an additional four unique researchers with brand new sessions! See links below for previous session recordings, downloadable materials and supplemental how-to videos!

10/24/20 - Charlotte "Charlie" Andreasen - DNA Origami
11/05/20 - Saul Schaffer - 3D Printing
11/14/20 - Emma Benjaminson - DNA Microswimmers & GAN
11/19/20 - Rebecca Gruener - Air Pollution
12/5/20 - Sharfin Islam - Passive Walkers
12/10/20 - Teresa Kent - Robotic Whiskers
03/13/21 - Julian Whitman - Modular Robotics
03/22/21 - Joseph Norby - Robot Motion Planning
04/10/21 - Madison "Madie" Greer - Therapeutic Antibodies
04/21/21 - Purva Joshi - Organ Preservation


The Academic Year 2020-21 R2R: Meet the Researcher Coordination Team Includes:

Kristin Lavery - Leonard Gelfand Center - Assistant Director

Dr. Victoria Webster-Wood - College of Engineering - Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Saul Schaffer - Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Student 

Allison Rojas - Mechanical Engineering, Undergraduate Student

Any questions regarding this program may be directed to Kristin Lavery.