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Bridges: Classroom Activities

We were inspired to create this site to complement the book Engineering Bridges Connecting the World by Pendred Noyce. [Tumblehome Learning, Inc. 2019]  Carnegie Mellon University has a long history of educating civil engineers who build bridges and other structures.  In fact, Mao Yisheng, a civil engineering student from China, earned the first doctorate at Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Tech at the time) in 1920. Mao Yisheng, often referred to as the father of modern bridge building, designed two of the most famous bridges in China, the Qiantang River Bridge and the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge*.  


Pittsburgh, PA**

Judith Hallinen, EdD
Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Outreach
Carnegie Mellon University

Andrew Jones, Civil Engineering
Masters in Energy Science, Technology, and Policy; concentration in Civil & Environmental Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

Mohak Chauhan, Advanced Construction Management
BTech, Civil Engineering; Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Construction Management;
MS Civil and Environmental Engineering (2020)
Carnegie Mellon University

Miriam Wertheimer, MAT
Program Administrator
Carnegie Mellon University


* Some more information about Mao Yisheng here
** Photos on all Bridges: Classroom Activities pages~ J. Hallinen