Carnegie Mellon University

Lesson title:  2D to 3D Truss Bridge Building

2D to 3D BRIDGE BUILDING:  Reflect on the Project

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Name: _________________________

Date: __________________________

Truss Chosen:    Warren                 Pratt                      Pauli                      Warren Quadrangular or Lattice

Directions: Independently reflect on the project and the triumphs and struggles that your group experienced. After reflecting, answer the questions in complete sentences.

  1. What role did the constraints play in the development of your bridge?


  1. What is the importance of constraints and how would the project have been different, had there not been any?


  1. If you could remove or add a constraint, what would it be and why?


  1. When considering components of your project that was done well, what was the most important skill(s) needed?


  1. Which role or roles do you think was/were vital to your group’s overall success?


  1. Describe how your approach to your team’s approach changed as the project progressed? Think of the following:
    1. Could the change have been avoided?
    2. Did the team think of possible issues before they occurred?
    3. Did the team brainstorm? If so, were other possible pitfalls avoided?


If you were to lead this project, what is one thing you would modify/change and why?