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Truss bridge

Drawbridge, Seattle, WA

Many professional organizations and other groups have fun and interesting information about bridges.  Here are some that may be of interest to you:

  • We were inspired to create this site to complement the book Engineering Bridges Connecting the World by Pendred Noyce. [Tumblehome Learning, Inc. 2019]
  • Did you know that Pittsburgh has more than 2,000 bridges?  To learn more about many of them, see Pittsburgh's Bicentennial Bridging Past to Present, developed by the University of Pittsburgh
  • Building Big, produced by WGBH for PBS Online, with support from the National Science Foundation 
    • Also see Bridges at the Building Big site 
  • How Bridges Work, by Robert Lamb and Michael Morrissey, 
  • The Association for Bridge Design and Construction has links to live webcams, images and details about many bridges around the world! 
  • A 2018 TED talk delivered by Ian Firth, a UK-based engineer and bridge designer, explores the ingenuity of bridges and its power to build community through connectivity. Here is an excerpt: “The world needs bridges. Have you ever thought about what it would be like not to have any? It’s hard to imagine a civilization without bridges, because they’re so essential for the growth and development of a society. They’re not just about a safe way across a river or an obstacle, they shout about connectivity, community… they reveal something about creativity, or ingenuity, they even hint at our identity…”