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These Biomedical Engineering Materials were created by Carnegie Mellon students who participated in 99-520, Experiential Learning through Projects, section O, a remote course held during the summer of 2020. Instructors for the course were Dr. Conrad Zapanta and Dr. Judith Hallinen.  The goal was for the students to create activities and supporting documentation to help secondary school students learn about a variety of areas of research associated with biomedical engineering. Some of the projects expanded ideas that were developed during a spring 2020 course taught by Dr. Zapanta.  High school teachers reviewed the materials and provided suggestions for improvement to the students.  The educational materials can be used by teachers during a class, or individually by middle or high school students.    

Additional modules were created during Directed Study courses in Fall 2021 and Spring 2022.

Conrad M. Zapanta, PhD
Teaching Professor and Associate Head of Undergraduate Education
Biomedical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University

Judith Hallinen, EdD
Assistant Vice Provost for Educational Outreach 
Carnegie Mellon University

Summer 2020 Student Creators of Content Shared Here 
Avika Bansal, '23 Chemical Engineering,Biomedical Engineering
Claire Kenny '21 Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Renee Morton '20 Biomedical Engineering [Masters] 
Meghan McGraw '22 Chemical Engineering,Biomedical Engineering 
Nicole Segal '22 Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering

Fall 2021 Student Creator of Content Shared Here 
Olivia Olshevski, '21 Biomedical Engineering [Masters]

Spring 2022 Student Creators of Content Shared Here 
Isabel Joyce, '22 Biomedical Engineering [Masters]
Cassandra Dodson, '22 Biomedical Engineering [Masters]

*Students in Spring 2020 BME in Everyday Life course taught by Dr. Zapanta
Cassie Alsept, '20 Psychology
Carolyn Bolz,
'21 Biological Sciences
Janet Peng
, '22 Design
Aditi Ramesh, '20 Electrical and Computer Engineering [Masters]
Donggyun Yang,
'20 Biological Sciences

Thank you to these educators for their support:
Laura Anderson, CMU Heinz College, 1986
Science Department Chair, Elk County Catholic High School

Mario Iasella, 
CMU Civil Engineering, 1992  
Science Teacher, Carrick High School [Pittsburgh Public Schools] 

Shari Morasco, 
Teacher and K-12 Science Curriculum Coordinator,
Gateway High School

Editing and Preparation for Dissemination:
Claire Kenny '21 Materials Science & Engineering, Biomedical Engineering
Avika Bansal, '23 Chemical Engineering,Biomedical Engineering

CAUTION: If you are attempting an experiment, it is important to make sure that you are following all safety steps. All experiments should be completed with supervision of a parent/legal guardian. Weather permitting, we recommend taking your experiments outside as science can get messy. Remember to wear safety gear like gloves, aprons, and goggles, especially for experiments with chemical reactions!

The materials and information presented may be used solely for personal educational use as described in the Terms of Use and parents/legal guardians are responsible for taking all necessary safety precautions for the experiments. To the maximum extent allowed under law, Carnegie Mellon University is not responsible for any claims, damages or other liability arising from using the materials or conducting the experiments.

Be SAFE and enjoy the materials that have been created!